food foil wraps
for the home.

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silver foil wraps

keep your food
fresher for longer



Versatile and durable, we now use home. foils to wrap rolls, muffins, half used avocados, fruit pieces, vegetable snacks, covering food in the fridge, oven bakes and even funnels for pouring.

Samantha O'Brien

They have been soo good! Especially with making breakfast/lunch for hubby. I also love that it’s already like pre cut. I am literally the worst foil ripper in the world it’s embarrassing!


The convenient two sizes makes wrapping food super quick, easy to reuse with just a wipe with a cloth and the kids are loving the design in their lunch boxes, already!
So happy to have an environmental friendly alternative to plastic wrap.

Mel Liddle
Adelaide, South Australia

The foil is just gorgeous. Little things like the foil are so special. My son knows his sandwich has special drawings on it and he thinks it's so special. It has made me feel like I am giving him just that bit more because he deserves it. He will feel special with his wraps. And, I don't have to worry about losing bloody Tupperware going missing!!!

Samantha Burns

They are super easy to use and my kids (especially 4 year old) loves it in her lunchbox. I’ve been premaking fresh sambos and freezing them in the foil. Bloody huge time saver. LOVE it.


I love the designs because my two-year-old does!! I love animals myself however my little girls love seeing them and loves wrapping up all her food to be completely honest.

Melissa Webb

Animals Australia

Know that you are helping the flora and fauna of Australia by choosing home. by Foil Me food wraps. In collaboration with Animals Australia, $0.20 is donated to protect all animals including vulnerable Australian wildlife.