Reduce, reuse, recycle: how 'home. by Foil Me' is making strides towards a more sustainable future

Reduce, reuse, recycle: how 'home. by Foil Me' is making strides towards a more sustainable future

If you, like us, are wanting to pave the way for a more sustainable future, then look no further. 'Home. by Foil Me', is a pre-cut food foil wrap that aims to reduce waste by providing a convenient alternative to cling wrap and other single-use products. Available in two sizes, Medium and Large, these eco-friendly wraps promise to keep your food fresher for longer while reducing your environmental footprint.

With global efforts being made to forge a more sustainable future, it’s only natural that, for many of us, this begins at home.

In saying that, you might wonder ‘why foil wraps?’…

Ok, let’s grab a cuppa, sit down, and chat.

Not only can 'home. by Foil Me' be easily reused, but it is also 100% recyclable, and infinitely so, unlike cling wrap. Plus, the smaller microplastics that comprise cling wrap are proven to have grave consequences for our environment.

I bet you’re wondering, are microplastics really that bad?

Responsible for having a damaging impact on flora and fauna, microplastics have recently raised concerns that they may have consequences for human health, too. Now a permanent fixture in the earth’s makeup, it is near impossible to rid them from our environment.

So, how is plastic cling wrap different from foil?

Well, aluminium is a more sustainable and renewable resource, and there’s no limit to how many times it can be recycled. That means that a large percentage of the aluminium we use today has been recycled over and over – how cool is that!

With recycled foil using only around 5% of the energy and emissions needed to make new aluminium, recycling your foil compared to using one-off microplastics, can be a better option for the environment. So, when you use 'home. by Foil Me', you can rest easy knowing that you’re doing your bit to reduce waste and give back to our planet.

While this is great news, the value of understanding how to recycle 'home. by Foil Me' is not lost on us. It’s all well and good to create a product that’s sustainably sourced, but to reap the full benefits of these food foil wraps, it’s important to recycle them correctly.

Thankfully, our food wraps are super easy to recycle - simply roll them into a tight ball and throw them in your recycling bin – it’s as simple as that! And, if you’re feeling like taking your sustainability efforts to the next level, 'home. by Foil Me' can even be reused by wiping with a damp cloth and leaving to air dry.

No matter what your motivation, whether it be to make more sustainable choices or to make food prep easy, we’ve got you covered. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of 'home. by Foil Me', visit our website:

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