NEW: Meet 'home. by Foil Me's sleek and versatile Silver food foil wraps

NEW: Meet 'home. by Foil Me's sleek and versatile Silver food foil wraps

Introducing The Latest Release from ‘home. by Foil Me’

If you love our Patterned Aussie Animal Food Foil Wraps (you know the ones), then our latest innovation might just pique your interest. Introducing our new Silver Food Foil Wraps - a simple yet functional addition to your day-to-day.

Crafted for those who crave convenience, these foil sheets redefine innovation when it comes to food prep. While they boast all the same benefits as our Patterned Food Foil Wraps, our Silver ‘home. by Foil Me’ wraps have some exciting new features that we think you’ll love!

Sleek in Silver

Not so fond of patterns? Perhaps you prefer a clean, minimalistic aesthetic. If so, these Silver wraps might be just what you’re looking for. Yes, we know this isn’t necessarily ground-breaking – I mean, all aluminium is silver, right? Technically, yes – but we’re confident that our ‘home. by Foil Me’ wraps provide the perfect blend of being high quality and convenient, all while fitting seamlessly into your neutral home aesthetic.

Did someone say heat-safe?

Our Silver ‘home. by Foil Me’ Food Foil Wraps are also heat-safe, so beyond keeping your food fresh, they can also be used in the oven, on the BBQ, or even the campfire – the perfect addition to your camping repertoire, just in time for summer! Whether it be to help maintain the perfect temperature or enhance the flavours of your favourite recipes, it doesn’t get much better than these Silver Food Foil Wraps.

Now that you’re up to speed on what sets these foils apart, let us remind you of all the benefits you know and love:

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable!

Made with 100% recycled aluminium, these food wraps are infinitely recyclable - as is all aluminium, in case you didn’t know! What does this mean? Not only are they sustainable and stand to leave a positive mark on our planet, they’re also super easy to dispose of! So, when it’s time to say goodbye, simply roll into a tennis-sized ball and place in your recycling bin.


Or, if you have trouble letting go, ‘home. by Foil Me’ can even be reused. Just wash them in warm, soapy water, let them air dry, and voila - they’re back in action and ready for round two… or three, or four!

Minimise waste and save time

Let’s be honest, we’ve ALL been guilty of overestimating just how much aluminium foil will cover last night’s leftovers… well thankfully, it’s time to let go of that responsibility and entrust these pre-cut Silver food wraps to do the work for you! Available in Medium (23cm x 27cm) and Large (30cm x 35cm), these 'home. by Foil Me' food foils are the secret sauce for your culinary adventures, whether you're wrapping muffins, sandwiches, or fresh veggies, 'home. by Foil Me' is the secret for your culinary adventures!

Elevate your kitchen experience, minimize waste, and savour the flavours of a sustainable lifestyle with ‘home. by Foil Me's’ Silver Food Foil Wraps. If you want to celebrate the choice for a better tomorrow, then this new collection is an absolute must-have!

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